Customer specific CAE solutions

NM offers customer specific CAE solutions for recurring design tasks. Standard software (i.e. MS EXCEL) is utilized as a user interface to drive NM's powerful computational software NM-SESES. This way, development engineers can use state-of-the-art CAE software with a minimum of training and specific numerical knowledge. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you with solutions to your analysis and optimization issues.

Customer specific graphical user interfaces (GUI's) considerably simplify the application of FE models during the product development cycle. Our CAE solutions allow users to do complex numerical analysis and to perform optimization procedures right away on a push button basis. Input masks for customer device layouts simplify the specification process and reduce design errors. Our CAE solutions provide ready to use output data, e.g., signal amplitudes of the device under investigation. The combination of NM-SESES with (compiled) MATLAB routines makes even complex optimization algorithms available at low costs.

For graphical inspection of the design models, our software NM SESES offers a variety of data plotting functions. Again user comfort is of primary interest. Predefined standard views of the model are available to speed up the design process and to get an insight into the device's inner workings, computed numerical fields can be inspected in full detail.