Chemical reactive Devices, Fuel Cells

Fuel cells provide a specific example of complex fluidic devices. NM-SESES is being successfully applied to the investigation of a multitude of fuel cell related phenomena, including electrochemical performance of single cells and stacks, heat exchange / cooling issues, fuel processing and micro reforming reactors. NM GmbH offers simulation support for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) as well as for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC).

Simulation of electrochemical systems

With the help of numerical simulations, the customer gains more insight into his system. For instance, concentration profiles, potential fields or temperature distributions inside solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) can be investigated. The model provides IV-curves for specific layouts under many different operating conditions. A highlight is the possibility to perform ab initio calculations of effective parameters. For example, permeabilities and heat conductivities of a current collector structure are determined using 3D models for small representative subdomains. The extracted effective parameters are then used in subsequent 2D calculations with reduced computational effort.