Micro fluidic devices

The FE tool NM-SESES with its versatility and flexibility provides an excellent basis for model fluidic devices. Addressed phenomena include fluid flow (gases or liquids), thermal processes and diffusion including chemical reactions. The specification of complex material or fluid properties including the reaction kinetics is realized on the user level.

Modeling of Gas Diffusion through Multilayer Foil

The goal of this project was the improvement in oxygen and water barrier properties of PET foils, masked with SiOx coatings. A model, adressing permeability, diffusion and solubility effects was built, considering material damages of the SiOx layers. With this model, several new types of laminations with PET, SiOx and other permeable surface coatings could be simulated. The model provides effective permeability parameters for user defined multilayers, including time-lag behavior. These models help to reduce the cost and time during foil development.