Piezoelectric Devices

NM GmbH provides numerical simulation support for the analysis, design and optimization of devices exploiting the piezoelectric effect on the basis of crystalline as well as ceramic materials. The flexibility of its software allows for a user friendly specification of the complex anisotropic material properties and state-of-the-art simulation of coupled electro-mechanical effects is possible. Completed projects address e.g., the analysis of sensors sensitivity, temperature drifts due to thermal stress and / or temperature dependent piezoelectric coefficients.

Pressure and acceleration sensors

Examples of successfully simulated systems are pressure, acceleration and force sensors based on piezoelectric single crystals. The analysis covers sensitivity, overload behaviour, temperature dependence of sensitivity and offset as well as eigenfrequency/eigenmode calculations to model the dynamic behaviour. Customers have the choice of obtaining our parametrized NM-SESES models, which can be further explored and developed at the customer's R&D department, or to opt for a full engineering support with model setup, validation and optimization done and documented by us.