Thermo Mechanical Systems

NM GmbH has extensive experience in modeling and simulation of thermo-mechanical systems. The FE tool NM-SESES provides optimized mechanical finite elements to compute complex structures. It is possible to simulate materials with elasto-plastic behavior as well as geometric nonlinearities. These features in combination with our trained staff are an excellent basis for state-of-the-art modeling.

Modeling of Membranes

To improve the mechanical stability of an embossing tool, thermo-mechanical simulations have been performed. The tool is composed of two hard metallic membranes. During the embossing process these membranes are pressed against each other at elevated temperatures. Due to the thermal expansion large stresses are induced at the tool fixations, which can often lead to fractures of the membranes. With the help of numerical simulations, the stresses has been minimized and the buckling behavior of the membranes has been analyzed.