ICP Institute of Computational Physics

NM Numerical Modelling GmbH is a Spin off company of the Institute of Computational Physics (ICP) at the University of applied Sciences Winterthur in Switzerland (ZWAH).

The ICP focuses on fundamental research and development for the finite element method and its applications in engineering (CAE). New features are continuously implemented into the FE-based tool NM SESES.

The ICP provides NM SESES related training units like: User Courses, Tutorial Examples and Example Database

maglab GmbH

maglab GmbH specializes in the field of magnetic system design and measurements, providing ferromagnetic components such as shields and cores for current sensing applications.



Interessengemeinschaft für virtuelle
Produktentwicklung Schweiz (IG SWISS VPE)

Maurer Magnetic AG, CH-Grüningen

Maurer Magnetic is an independent and autonomous trading company specialised in the fields of packaging and assembly of permanent magnets and magnetic tools.